The new Fall TV schedule has claimed its first victim, and unfortunately it wasn't Whitney.

Instead the folks at NBC decided to axe The Playboy Club after disappointing ratings. The show was based in 1960s Chicago at The Playboy Club. Apparently the stories, and scantly clad women, wasn't enough to keep the show on air.

Playboy magazine tried to help create buzz about the show, by pricing their October issue for just 60 cents. The issue also features a 1960s inspired Playboy model.

However the first episode only attracted 5 millions viewers and those numbers dropped off as the show continued. I guess everyone was just interested in the articles.

NBC will replace the show with a news magazine hosted by Brian Williams. So we're missing out on a glimpse of 1960s Playboy, in order to air ANOTHER news show. You've got your stuff figured out networks.

Next time, try cancelling Whitney first. Its terrible.