The NASHVILLE FULL MOON TATTOO & HORROR FESTIVAL is happening APRIL 6TH - 8TH 2012. If you have never been to the show, Let us take a moment to explain our HISTORY. In 1999 Ben Dixon and LONE WOLF BODY ART Hosted the OLD SCHOOL TATTOO EXPO. Bringing the Second ever Tattoo Convention to Nashville.

The First being The National Tattoo Association show in 1994. After this, Lone Wolf began the Full Moon Show, first as a TATTOO Convention only. After spending time in the Film Industry, Ben met HORROR LEGEND, GUNNAR HANSEN, from The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and on a drive together they forged the idea to bring a

HORROR CONVENTION and a TATTOO CONVENTION together. Thus making it the first ever of it's size and kind.. Now many other shows have followed in it's footsteps, but there is no one that does it like the FULL MOON FESTIVAL

Stars this year include not only the lovelt Stacey Dixon, but also Danny Trejo, Rabert Carradine, Jerry Lawler, Tom Savini, Tony Todd, Norman Reedus, Tom AAtkins and more.

APRIL 6TH, 7TH, & 8TH 2012 . After many great years at the Airport Marriott Hotel, The Nashville Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Film Festival is moving to the Downtown Nashville Convention Center.

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