Before I go any further, let me suggest that the reason above all other reasons to pick up the July issue of News 4U is because I am in it. Now if you can resist the urge to run out right now and get it, I'll give you a few more reasons to check out this FREE monthly magazine.

News 4U has been providing Evansville with local arts and entertainment news since 1991...and they have really stepped up their game in the last several months. If you remember the old days of News 4U vs. the magazine now, the differences will be obvious. It's so much more than just a place to see which bands are playing where and when...although you can still see that.

I had the chance to talk with News 4U's Editorial Manager Nick Durcholz, along with Production Manager Christy Moore about the newest edition (which should be out and available now). Take a few minutes to listen below.

News 4U July interview

I really can't speak highly enough of the publication. It's FREE and available just about everywhere around town, so pick up a couple. Keep one near the toilet (I do) and keep one at home or at work. Looking for something to this weekend? Look in News 4U. Wanna find a new place to eat? Look in News 4U. Looking to flick to watch? Look in News 4U. I think you get my point. Did I mention that I was in the July issue? Find me and my radio buddies in the "Three's a Crowd" feature.