Growing up in Evansville was a great thing for a guy like me who ended up wanting to be on the radio.  My early years of radio listening, before there was much of anything on the FM dial, was spent listening to local station 1330 WJPS, which was my first Top 40 radio station experience.  They were the big station in town until in September 1975, WGBF AM 1280 changed formats to Top 40 and literally put WJPS out of business... overnight.  The air talent when WGBF 1280 signed on as Top 40 was incredible, much like you'll hear in the video below.  It was the "Boss Jock Era", when DJ's yelled over the introduction to a record right up until they started singing, which was called 'Hitting the post.".  I knew, I wanted to do that.  I was made to do that!  And I did.  I got an on air gig at WGBF 1280 at the very end of it's Top 40 "River City Rocker" days.  In 1980, the owners decided to tame the station, make it more adult and be part of the advent of FM Album Rock Radio.  They purchased 103.1, which at the time was called "KC103" and off to that station I went to become the polar opposite type DJ than I had been.  From screaming to sounding almost stoned, tracking an album side on "The Album Station, KC103".

Lots has changed since then, but I still get a big gas outta hearing the old "Boss Jocks" crank out that Top 40 sound, like they do on the below video.  This is many years of evolving radio presentation, mainly in the Top 40 format, but some rock guys as well.  Bet you'll recognize a few names and faces.  Enjoy!