What a great year it's been to showcase local girls we call Hometown Honey's. Next year looks just as promising. To close out the year it's Mandy,

Mandy Ford is a local actress and model who is charity focused. She is the founder of Shine! Entertainment. Meet our final Hometown Honey of the year, Mandy! Throughout her career, Mandy realized there is a real need to learn how to be professional, and the art of networking. She has many wonderful me mentors who have helped her pursue her dreams, and wants to be the same. Her dream is to see ''every star shine''

It has been a dream for Mandy to travel to Myanmar and help out the orphans and widows. She is planning to make this dream a reality in the very near future.

Mandy is an active member of Bethel Temple Community Church, where she is involved in Kidstuff Theatre. hobbies include Community Theatre Latin Dance, P90X and Burning up The Stage with Vin Morreale. She is a volunteer with Holly's House, Albion Fellows Bacon Center, and the Christian Life Center. She is an Entrepreneur, Actress, Model and proud mom of a talented 10 year old, Alyssa. Alyssa is pursuing her dreams of modeling, singing and acting.

Mandy, you got a lot going on. Thanks for sharing your pretty face with us!