Perhaps you are familiar with the Epic Meal Time crew. They are a bunch of Canadian goofs that are known for whipping up ridiculously enormous, usually somewhat grotesque culinary concoctions. And providing mildly humorous commentary along the way. This time around they are putting their resources and their 'epic' meals to good use. This time around the guys are recreating some of their past meals and serving them to needy folks up there in Canadia (I meant to misspell that).

You may not be able to volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, shelter, or food pantry this Thanksgiving. That is certainly understandable. I myself have a pretty full day planned for Thursday. But what I would like to remind you (and myself) of is that are hungry and needy people every damn day of the year. All I'm saying is that it might be nice to take an afternoon, or at least a couple of hours, and help out your fellow man. And while the people to serve/help will most definitely benefit from your time and effort...I think you'll end up realizing how much that experience has benefited YOU.

It's just a thought. The holidays make me think sometimes. Frightening. Anyhoo, enjoy the video and enjoy whatever you have planned this Thanksgiving.