After being removed from the local music scene for more than a decade, singer/songwriter Jeremy Caine (The Difference, Psychotic Krunch and 1369), is set to make his official return to the Evansville stage later this month with his new band Hundred Year Event.

Hundred Year Event will be at Lanhuck’s Tavern on October 29 opening for local metal legends Bloodtribe and Pittsburgh’s United by Hate.

Caine says that even though he has been writing and performing his original songs acoustically for the past several years, having the support of a band offers a whole new dynamic.

"In all humility, it literally takes an army," he said. "I mean, even the songs or various arrangements I used as an acoustic solo-act that are carrying over have significantly been changed, or furthermore, been given a whole new life just by Sam [Whitaker] offering all he does on his end of this thing. One of our motto's with Hundred Year, from the beginning, has been the sum of the whole is greater than its individual parts. I truly believe this mentality lends itself to making the end product much stronger."

Strangely, even though the upcoming Lanhuck’s show is poised to be an evening of pure unadulterated heavy metal, Caine says his Hundred Year Event will be slightly out of place, as it is more rock music with heavy metal tendencies.

"Our roots are actually born of the old school metal genre," said Caine. "And I think that's at least recognizable in the way we'll rest on certain grooves and breakdowns, which is a good playing our first show with an established and well respected band like Bloodtribe will be a good test for us."

Hundred Year Event will be at Lanhuck's Tavern on October 29. Show starts at 7:30pm.

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