Granted there was a time in High School I could finish off a 40 piece chicken McNugget and be ready to run a marathon. Now you fast forward to today, and I can only get a half through a Big Mac before needing a nap. The latest offering from the guys at Epic Meal Time would probably put me in a coma.

This week they released a video on Youtube, where they 'concocted' a lasagna from different items from fast food restaurants. Is your lunch coming back up yet? Just wait.

The gang's recipe included Jack Daniels’ homemade meat sauce, 15 Big Macs, 15 Wendy’s Baconators, onion rings, 15 A&W Teen Burgers, Bacon, Cheese and a liter of Big Mac sauce.

Feeling sick yet? Well let me try some more. This artery clogging delicacy has a calorie count of 71,488 and a whopping 5,463 grams of fat. It was divided among four people. Which means per serving they were getting 18,000 calories each. More than enough for the average person for a week.

See the video below, and be sure to visit their website. My favorite part is the 'workout formula' ad right next to this assault on the cardiovascular system. My question for you is, would you eat this?