Though Father's Day was Sunday, it's never too late to celebrate the men in our life who have molded us, loved and cared for us and dealt with us when we have been at our worst. The Best Day Ever Evansville talked to some local dads about their trials, wishes and dad stories along with their own thoughts about their dads.


Most girls love their fathers. I worshiped my Papa. He was my instructor, my example, my protector. I would rather catch a beating from Mama, than have Papa sadly say he was disappointed in my behavior.

He was the kind of father who, upon hearing, "I can't find my pantyhose!" would retort, "I borrowed them last week, and put them right back! Don't look at me..." Or when you asked how you looked in your new Prom dress, would answer, "Not bad for a white girl," with a sparkle in his eye. Or, when I lost a pageant/any competition, would say, "There's always someone prettier. There's always someone smarter. Get used to that."

When Papa died, the universe lost an amazing soul. His funeral shut down the street. The funeral home was overflowing, out into the courtyard, and down the sidewalk. Did I mention that my father was a Welder for International Paper. He was not what you would consider "important." So why were all these people intruding upon my grief, to tell me of their loss? This was the resounding refrain: "Your father always made me feel special/talented/beautiful, even if I only spoke to him for a moment."

I was only 24, so I didn't know him very well, outside of being my father. I never knew that someone could touch so many people, so easily. THAT was a Legacy. Correction, that was HIS Legacy.

I hope he is proud of me. Even gone from this earth, I never want to disappoint him. This is for you, Papa. And Evansville. And all Fathers who inspire their children to leave behind a Legacy of Kindness. Thank you for all that you do.



I've never met my biological "father." I put father in quotes because I do have a father. His name is Joseph Armanno. He met my mom just after I was born and has been by our side ever since. He taught me everything I know. He dated my mom for 17 years and treated me like his son.

One of the most meaningful things he's ever said wasn't even directed toward me. A friend of his was helping me with my truck and my dad walked away and he told me about a conversation they had at work. It was a simple question.

"Does he feel like your son?"

"No." My father responded, "He is my son."

I was apprehensive at first when this video was being made. I held a straight face while numerous people cried behind me while watching it during editing. But as I type this, tears are streaming down my face because I can not tell you how much I appreciate everything my father has done for me. Without him, I wouldn't be able to do this. I wouldn't be having The Best Day Ever.