University of Kentucky freshman Vincent Swope is a good man. I designate him as such by simply being a Kentucky fan. He had an opportunity this weekend to win $10,000 by hitting a half-court shot at halftime of the Kentucky/South Carolina game. He hit it and was informed mid-celebration that he might not be a winner after all.

Via Yahoo!

"They said when I released the ball I was over the line," Swope said. "There are some pictures where it looks like I touched the line and some where it looks like I didn't touch the line, but that didn't even cross my mind when I shot it. I was just thinking, 'I'm $10,000 richer."

Well...that wasn't going to sit well and via the power of social media and the Big Blue Nation, Mr. Swope is going to get paid.

To Kroger's credit, the supermarket chain didn't take long to realize the PR folly that not paying Swope would be. A representative of Kroger called Jones within an hour of the game ending on Saturday and asked him to tell Swope that he would receive the $10,000.

All's well that ends well...Kentucky won the game 79-64.