I have to admit, coming up with new ideas for posts on here can be draining after awhile. Choosing subject matter that will appeal to you, can be tremendous task. Cause we all know I'd like to post a picture of some hot chick and be done with it. Never has an idea like this, crossed my mind.

Like most bad ideas, it started with good intentions. Richard Connelly an editor for the Houston Press, said the idea came to him after a talk about how not all sex offenders fit the 'creeper' mold. You know, not every dude with a puppy and a mustache is going to lure you back to his van.

Connelly reviewed the Texas Sex Offender Registry and complied a list of the 'hottest' sex offenders. Maybe 'hottest' was a poor choice of words. Since then, Connelly has issued an apology for his blog. Not only did the blog list the crimes the women committed, but also listed the age of the victims. I believe this is what we call the 'facepalm' part of the story.

For his part Connelly has recently added a disclaimer to his story:

I can understand how some people might react to this. On the other hand, it's a way of getting readers to look at the info, maybe get them to realize there are people out there like this and they all don't look like the obvious stereotypical pervert.

Read the blog here on the Houston Press website.