The "Two Kings" who make up Tenacious D...Jack Black and Kyle Gass...are back after a 6-year hiatus with a new album and a new tour. And this longtime fan of "The D" couldn't be more excited! The new album Rize Of The Fenix will be in stores on May 15th...and tour dates announced this week.

I am somewhat proud to say that I have been a fan and follower of The D since their early, early days on HBO circa 1997. Back then all they had was a 15-minute short each week after Mr. Show with Bob and David. Well just wasn't nearly enough for me. I needed more of The D! And then I got it in 2001 with the release of their self-titled debut album (which I still frequently rock out to). Five years later, JB and KG released the movie (and album) The Pick Of Destiny.

And now six years later, they are back. Below is The D's new short film promoting the new album and the song "To Be The Best". The video features some awesome cameos from Dave Grohl (long time drummer for The D), Val Kilmer, Jimmy Kimmel, and Maria Menounos.

And now a blast from the past...a clip of Tenacious D in the awesome Pauly Shore/Steven Baldwin film Bio-Dome. Check out how skinny Jack Black is!