I have posted a few parkour videos in the past, and I just couldn't resist to do it again when I saw this video. These guys (and I think a few girls) just piss me off. Why? Because never in my life have I been able to, or will ever be able to do a fraction of the stuff they do. So I'll just come out and say it...I am jealous.

The extent of my gymnastical (just made that word up) abilities was maybe a one-handed cartwheel or round-off, when I was much much younger. And here's an idea of what it's like now, as a 37-year old. The other day my son and I were "practicing" some simple cartwheels. While I tried to demonstrate good form and show my boy the right way to do it, I felt like I ripped both hamstrings in an attempt to keep my damn legs straight. Yeah, I'm old and frail.

So I am amazed and envious at the stunts these folks can do. Having said that, I am also the first to make fun of "freerunners" when we get to see some of their fail videos. But I guess when you're doing any kind of activity that involves stunts and danger and risk, you're gonna fall just as many times as you nail it. So I guess I'm also amazed at their bravery (or is it stupidity) and stick-to-it-ness (another made up word).

Does this kind of thing impress you? Or are you too jaded and cynical to be impressed by anything? Just curious.

BTW, you want to turn down your speakers. Some of the music is pretty crappy and annoying. Carry on.