One of college basketball's coolest traditions just so happens to come from an Indiana school. No, not one of the biggies like Indiana, Purdue or Notre Dame - this tradition is courtesy of Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

The students at this little liberal arts university celebrate 'Silent Night' every year during basketball season. It happens on the Friday before finals week. The crowd (at least the student body) remains completely silent until the Taylor Trojans score their tenth point of the game - then the party begins. It is way more than the crowd just erupting in cheers. The game is temporarily put on hold as students flood the court in jubilant, random and ridiculous celebration. There is no way to watch this and not smile and giggle.

This year's Silent Night game was this past Friday, December 6th. The Trojans scored the 10th point on a 3-pointer from the corner, which unleashed a sea of humanity. Below is what the scene looked like in Upland, IN.