Well, after a couple of months of marriage, I can report the honeymoon isn't over. After being divorced from my daughter Kelcey's mom for 18 years, I decided to commit the act again. (That wording sounded kind of odd, didn't it?)

So the former Andrea Outlaw that I had been living with for the past couple of years, is now Andrea Outlaw-Sanders...and amazingly enough, we still live together. She hasn't booted me out! I always questioned why a woman would hyphenate her last name, keeping her maiden name and tacking on her married name. In our case, my wife has built a good reputation as a physical trainer locally, an besides Outlaw is a pretty cool name.

As you may know, we got hitched on Feb 2 at The Sutton Tattoo Company in a ceremony presided over by my friend and local photographer Don Swain of Digital Panda Studios. We even got our rings tattooed on. I wanted the wedding to reflect our rockin' lifestyle.

Here's the photo of our rings shortly after we got married.

And here's the photo of our beautiful, colorful rings after they were colored in on Saturday by Sutton Tattoo artist Samantha Neaveill. Great job Sam.

Indelible ink shows our strong commitment to each other as a couple, and it really looks cool!

Someone asked me, "What if you two get divorced?"

I said, "That's not something I considered when I said 'yes' to whether I would take Andrea as my wife."

I'm an optimist. When things play out in my head there's a happy ending an I don't mean the type you get at the massage parlor!