If you see the logo that appears with this post, it’s most likely on a Facebbok page of a tattoo aretist. Most are unhappy with a new show on TLC called ‘Tattoo School’, and here’s their reasoning. This is quoted from an online petition of artists opposed to the show

“Award-winning Tattoo Artist Lisa Fasulo runs a hands-on and unconventional tattoo school in upstate NY where students from all walks of life learn how to tattoo in just two weeks. These rookie students are seeking to change their lives through tattooing. With just two intense weeks under Lisa's instruction, they will get the experience tattooing on body after body with artwork of varying levels of difficulty.

Rookie students, models risking their skin to first time body artists, a rebellious instructor and unconventional training...who will bear the drama of competition and survive?

DRAMA?! Risking their skin?!? UNCONVENTIONAL TRAINING?! Sounds really bad to me. TLC is again airing another STELLAR program about how to NOT take the industry seriously..along with LA ink and now NY ink. The shows revolve around drama and arrogance and it makes working at a tattoo shop even more difficult because people see these television programs and think that it's the reality.”

So, what say you about this? As someone with over 50 tattoos on my skin, I tend to agree with the complaint. Training potential artists on live ‘victims’, then turing them loose into the workforce after just two weeks seems like a bad idea. If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo by someone who ‘just does it on the side, for fun’…you risk a lot. When you want a tattoo, go see a professional who works out of a shop that is regularly inspected by the health department, and has insurance in case of mishap.

If you want to sign the petition against TLC’s ‘Tattoo School’, then click here. If not, watch it and enjoy!