I've interviewed a couple of groups o Ghost Hunters from the tri-state area.  I think what they do is fun and fascinating.  As a skeptic, I'm always looking for proof that the paranormal is real.  Maybe Jason Dill of Ohio Valley Paranormal Group can shed some light on what's hidden in the darkness.

Q: What is the name of your group?

 A: Ohio Valley Paranormal Group- find us on Facebook and shoot us an email at ohiovalleyparanormal@hotmail.com

 Q: How did you get started?

 A: Three friends who had an equal love for the paranormal

 Q: What was your first investigation?

A: Our first investigation was a small cemetery in Perry Co, Indiana(Huff Cemetery). That's what got the ball rolling as far as Ohio Valley Paranormal being formed

 Q: How influenced is your group by tv shows on the subject?

 A: As a group we try to do things on our own way focusing more on scientific evidence as to explain why things happen. I am sure Ghost Hunters played a small role in influencing us as it probably has most groups.

 Q: What’s the scariest investigation you’ve been part of?

 A: The above mentioned small cemetery in Perry Co, Indiana(Huff Cemetery), very old and creepy cemetery and place we had our best experience as a group

 Q: What do you contribute to the group?

 A: I, Jason Dill am a Lead Investigator, also in group are Brian Sumner-Lead Investigator, Steve Turner-Lead Investigator and Eric Sumner-Tech Manager/Graphic Designer

 Q: Can ghosts/spirits physically harm a human?

 A: In theory if a paranormal entity can manipulate objects to move and make sounds then it is possible to inflict unintentional harm as well

 Q: What’s your next investigation?

A: Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Evansville on Dec 29

If you're interested in what these guys do, find out more about the Ohio Valley Paranormal Group on their Facebook page here.