Save for that creepy guy with a camcorder who built one himself, stripper poles have kept a low profile at any tailgating event. But not for long., which bills itself as a world leader in stripper poles, has designed an all new hitch pole. That means you don't have to go to the strip club for entertainment, you can bring it with you! However, the ladies aren't included.

The pole is available in brass or chrome for the low-low price of $450 and appears to almost 'float' when attached to a vehicle's hitch. A great feature in case you're worried about making calls looking for tires to attach to your stripper pole. It can also support 200 pounds.

It still remains to be seen if stripper poles will explode in popularity this football season, but if they do we can only hope for more videos like the one below.

And that was just the season opener. Bear down.