zombie walk

Yes, the 103GBF Zombie Walk Is ON!
Already people are gearing up for the 2nd annual 103GBF Zombie Walk.
Here's what I can tell you so far: It's happening Sunday Oct. 28th downtown Evansville much like before.
It's going to be part of a big day of Monster Mashin' events which includes the annual Main Street Tric…
103GBF Zombie Walk Video!
Last Sunday's first ever 103GBF Zombie Walk in downtown Evansville was such a good time.  I've had lots of positive comments from the undead who attended.  But as much fun as it was, it looks horrific through the lens of Shane Michaels of Blood N Guts Productions...
103GBF Zombie Walk Pics!
Last night at 5pm, about 150 lving dead ghouls followed the 103GBF Hummer down Main Street to the Four Freedoms Monument in the first ever 103GBF Zombie Walk.   People were really creative with their makeup and costumes as  these photos will indicate...
103GBF Halloween Fun On Sunday!!
This Sunday it's major Halloween Happenings in downtown Evansville. From noon til 3pm it’s Main Street Trick or Treat, providing safe Halloween fun for the whole family. Later in the day, after the daylight fades it’s time for the first ever The 103GBF Zombie Walk...
103GBF Zombie Walk On Oct. 30th!
The first ever 103GBF Zombie Walk is set for Sunday, October 30th at 5pm. What is a zombie walk you ask? Well, a Zombie Walk is an event where thousands of people come dressed as a zombie and the walk down the street just like you were walking into a Romero film.
Zombie Exposed Brains DIY [VIDEO]
In honor of our first ever Zombie Walk through Downtown Evansville on October 30th, I bring to you how to create an exposed brain and a dangling eye… Mmmm… Nom nom nom… BRAINS!
Professional DIY Zombie Make-up Tutorial [VIDEO]
With our first ever Evansville Zombie Walk coming up on October 30th, I thought I would share some hints, tips, and tricks for how to transform yourself from a living breathing human to a putrid decaying zombie. Good luck & I hope to eat you... ...