Jenn Sterger in Training to Be WWE Diva?
Jenn Sterger, who you may recall from an obscure college football game in 2005, but you probably remember due to her being the wide receiver to Brett Favre's quarterback in his penis picture sex scandal from a few years ago, is training to become a WWE Diva.
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts to Wrestle in WWE?
The always vocal, but not always while sober, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts paid a visit to the Busted Open radio show and spoke candidly about his time in the WWE, his troubled past, his new sober existence and the fact he hasn't been included in the WWE Hall of Fame.
10 Best Wrestlers of the Last Ten Years
With the 20th anniversary of WWE Raw in the rearview mirror, we couldn’t help but think about all of the great superstars that have impacted the wrestling business over the past decade. Just who were the best wrestlers of the last decade...
CM Punk Fan Slightly Upset About Royal Rumble Outcome
If you haven't heard by now, CM Punk's year plus reign as the WWE champion came to an end at the Royal Rumble last night. It's cool though, The Rock wrestles easily 10-11 times a year, so he should totally be champion.
Anyway, the gentleman in this video is slightly upset over the outc…
10 Best WWE Theme Songs by Popular Bands
Wrestling and rock ‘n’ roll have long been synonymous with one another. Whether it was Alice Cooper’s celebrity appearance at Wrestlemania III or growing up listening to Hulk Hogan’s unforgettable 'Real American' theme, the two go hand …
WWE Smackdown Invades Ford Center Tonight
The WWE brings their SMACKDOWN program to the Ford Center, for the first time ever, tonight at 7pm! Come see your favorite WWE Superstars like Christian, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, The Great Khali, Natalya, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and more!
WWE Stars From The 80s Take Zumba Class
When I first heard of Zumba and how tons of women loved it, I automatically assumed it was some singer, actor, or athlete. However my girlfriend was nice enough to inform me that it is a type of exercise that involves dancing to pop or dance music...

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