Compilation of Non-FAIL Web Moments
It seems like videos of people 'FAILING' make up about 90% of the content on the internet. By the way, that number is a complete guesstimate and exaggeration. Comedian Daniel Tosh has made a ton of money off of FAIL videos...and Rob Dyrdek is trying to do the same. Before th…
Fight For Your Right…To Frizz Free Hair
Coming to us from the state of Wisconsin, is the tale of two winners. It involves a fierce battle over hair products, two brothers, and did not arrive from the cutting room floor from Stepbrothers filming.
Winners Get Dumped Just Like You!
Well its sure to be a blow to the tiger blood levels, but it seems that one of the goddesses has left Charlie Sheen. You might remember from that ridiculous interview with ABC News, Sheen was living the dream with two 'goddesses'.
That's his terminology, not mine. But what do you expect from a man wh…
Some People Have All The Luck
Last week I was excited. You see, I had FINALLY remembered to bring this sweet buy-one-get-one free coupon to a local restaurant. When I go to pay for my order and hand over the coupon, it had been expired for over a week. So I was cheated out of my freebie.
Winning With Charlie Sheen [VIDEO]
Just when we think Charlie Sheen is spiraling out of control, we actually find out he is 'Winning.' So how long until he jumps on Oprah's Couch, and marries Katie Holmes?