Big Announcement for WEVV

A shakeup has occurred in the local television world. Fox programming, starting July 1st, will be found on "My Fox 44". Click here to read the whole story on our sister site, Superhits1053.com.
Local TV plays Musical Chairs!
From the website of our news partners at News25.us:    Your television lineup is going to change this summer.  According to a press release on WEVV's website, Fox Broadcasting Company has signed an agreement with the owner of WEVV/Channel 44 to launch a new FOX affiliate in …
New Survivor: Redemption Island Tonight
If you've been following this season of Survivor, then you know that 'Redemption Island' continues the streak of pretty damn good seasons lately. In my opinion, Survivor has been on a roll the past few seasons. I was less than impressed with Survivor there for a while, and I skipped s…