Green Day Rocks Video Music Awards
Now I'll admit its a little silly for a channel that doesn't show music videos to have a "Video Music Awards" show, but such is the life of MTV. In between shows about morons from New Jersey and pregnant teens the channel gives a few shout outs to what made it famous.
A lot of people watched the MTV Video Music Awards
I don't get it and I am okay with that.  Apparently the VMA's brought in the largest audience they have ever had...EVER?! Even more so than an episode of Singled Out? This is not the world I want to live in...
Foo Fighter “Walk” Wins MTV Video Award!
Congrats to the Foo Fighters for winning the MTV Video Award for "Best Rock Video". That is perhaps the only notable thing about these awards as far as us rockers go. I'm posting a list of all the winners below, just for the hell of it. Compare this year's list to the list of winner's from…