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Best Viral Videos of 2011 Compliation
Now that we are on the other side of Xmas...I will give you what you really want.  Maybe.
It's a collection of all those things that were popular and interesting on the Internet this year, at least they were for a few minutes. It's an illustration that there is a lot of mental illness …
Viral Video Compilation
Here is a pretty well done compilation of some of the more memorable viral video clips from the past few years. If nothing else you get to enjoy an all time great song.
So how many of these clips do you recognize? I'll be honest, there are some I hadn't seen yet. I didn't think that was possible, con…
This week in viral videos
This week was flourishing with viral videos, but we managed to narrow hundreds down to a single top 10. (Confession: We may have had some help from our clap-o-meter.)
Among the privileged were a real-life re-enactment of the popular mobile game, 'Angry Birds,' put on by T-Mobile in Barcelona. Even wi…
This Week in Viral Videos
The last seven days was a lively week for viral videos. From creative (and colorful) marriage proposals to Bradley Cooper's impressive and surprisingly fluent French interview, this week's virals had something for everyone.
We've picked our 10 favorites from the week, which you can che…
Viral videos…best of the week
Over the last seven days, the Internet gave us a diverse group of viral videos - a refreshing change of pace after all of the Osama bin Laden-related videos from last week.
We saw the return of Charlie Sheen, a dead squirrel, a human bicycle, an amazing tennis shot, some incredible street dancing and…
The Best Things Are Always Bad For You
Granted there was a time in High School I could finish off a 40 piece chicken McNugget and be ready to run a marathon. Now you fast forward to today, and I can only get a half through a Big Mac before needing a nap. The latest offering from the guys at Epic Meal Time would probably put me in a coma.
Billboard’s Top 20 Viral Videos
Everyone knows the internet is good for a lot of things! This is a given. Shopping, listening to music, getting the daily news, etc. etc. One of my favorite things to do (along with lot of you I'm assuming) is watching funny/awesome videos. Let's face it, Youtube and other video sites will suck you …