The Many Reasons Why Beer Is Good Put To Song
So, there I was perusing the old YouTube the other night while enjoying a ice-cold, tasty Newcastle Brown Ale. You never know what you'll discover on YouTube: terrible band covers, weather videos, people trying to be funny and then you'll discover some videos that you make you go "WHOAH, where …
New Transformers 3 Trailer!
So let's run down the list. Goose bumps...check. Hard nipples...check. Slight broner...check. Still a wee bit of hesitation after Transformers 2...check.
Okay, we're good to go. This movie officially looks badass! See if you can spot the 'Shockwave' appearance.
Lies Of The Beautiful People, Official Video
Sure he may have been technically dead at one time (take that Paul McCartney), but Nikki Sixx is rocking out more than ever! This is the first release off his band's, Sixx:AM, upcoming album This Is Gonna Hurt. Check out the video now, and be sure to get the album when it hits stores …
Save A Life – Learn CPR [Video]
Here at 103GBF we're all about educating our listeners, and just generally making the world a better, safer place.
Pay attention pervert...keep your head in the game...and you may learn something.
Learn a Sixx: AM Guitar Solo [Video]
So DJ Ashba, the lead guitarist for the band Sixx: AM, is pretty dope. He demonstrates that on the band's new song 'Lies Of The Beautiful People'. He shreds pretty much throughout the whole song. And now he's giving you the chance to do the same.
Another Animal Humping Video
So yesterday it was a dog molesting a defensless pillow.  Today it's a video featuring a rather brave (and horny) rabbit trying to impose his will on a rather uninterested doggy. Enjoy!
Dog Raping A Pillow?
Alright, I'm just gonna keep it real with ya. If you don't think a dog humping funny, I'm not sure we can be friends. In fact, you may not be able to call yourself a GBF listener. I'm sorry, that's just how I feel.
Having said that, please enjoy this…

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