Gas Pump Parking Fail
After hearing the following video was from Southern Florida, I immediately thought the driver that wrecked was Canadian. After my vacation down there earlier this month I learned that Canadians are rude and can't drive worth a crap.
Fireman Wears Helmet Cam So You Can Get The Firefighting Experience
You have to respect the men and women of our fire departments. They are part of small segment of society who thinks its perfectly okay to enter a burning building (to a smaller extent so would I but my external hard drive full of music and movies would have to be at risk, or maybe a baby)...
Lazy Jedi [VIDEO]
Master Dave is a Jedi, and he is kind of lazy.  But who can blame the guy, he's out saving the galaxy all day, and I'm sure there's sometimes where the force is just not with you.
Fast Cars And Kids [VIDEO]
Youtube user p1cr has a Porsche, and likes to go fast. On his way to taking his son to preschool he decides to take off and the kids reaction is hilarious, and totally adorable. Of course after going fast he then does what any other normal kid would do and follows up his hilarious reaction with &…
Having a Baby Changes Everything [WTF Video]
We've all heard the expression "having a baby changes everything" right? If you don't have kids, then you might be saying "yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever". But if you have kids, you know that statement really is true.
Basketball Vs. Frisbee in a Trick Shot Battle
I am always impressed by the different trick shot videos out there, whether it's with a football, basketball, frisbee, etc. But I must admit that the cynic in me still has a hard time believing that it's all legit.
We’re Burning This Mother Down!
Sure you've cranked the stereo up to 11, and rocked out to a song or two or a thousand. But have you ever rocked so hard that the speakers caught on fire?

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