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Cable TV Exposes The Worst Christmas Gift This Season
There are people who have to spend their entire day in a jumpsuit. They are usually janitors, cash counters at a casino, or prisoners. I don't fall in to any of these categories. So no one better get me the 'Forever Lazy' for Christmas.
This Is Just Unfair
Its just a part of being a man. Making eye contact with women can be difficult at times thanks to their "gifts". Sobe has decided to use this to their advantage in their latest ad.
Gas Prices As High As The Floodwaters??
I got a call from someone in Evansville today who told me they saw a service station in town that was selling gas for $4.17 a gallon!!  Ridiculous!   103GBF wants to ease your pain at the pump.  Watch our new TV ad for more info!