three days grace

Three Days Grace vs. Lovehammers – Rocktagon
The Lovehammers move on to their fourth night in the Rocktagon. They will face off against Three Days Grace for a spot in the final Rocktagon of the week. Listen to the songs, cast your vote, and find out who wins tonight during Nocturnal Emissions...
Bobby’s Favorite Three Days Grace Songs – #4
#4 - I Hate Everything About You
So my mini-list ends where (when) it all began for Three Days Grace. "I Hate Everything About You" was the first single we ever played from these guys. And honestly, the song still holds up nine years later...
Bobby’s Favorite Three Days Grace Songs – #3
#3 - Lost In You
I liked this one from the first time I ever heard it. It's another song that we only played for a little while. It didn't even last long enough to get a video. Oh well...not every song can be a big hit. Perhaps "Lost In You" came across as too "so…

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