Keeping Up With Staind: My Interview With Mike Mushok!
It's been a good year for Staind.  Their self titled album, which came out late 2011, has spawned four radio singles, and the album itself peaked at #5 on the Billboard Charts.  After the Mass Chaos Tour, The Uproar Fest and plenty of headlining dates of their own, Staind is finally d…
Looking Forward to the New Staind Live DVD!
According to a recent report at, Aaron Lewis of Staind is quoted as saying that after the first of the year the band will be taking an extended break from recording and touring.  He stressed that Staind is not breaking up, but merely going on hiatus.  Y...
Staind vs. The Product – Rocktagon
It has been a week since The Product entered the Rocktagon, and they have defeated every single challenger. Will it remain that way? Tonight they face off against Staind. Vote now, and listen to Nocturnal Emissions tonight to find out who wins.
Evans Blue vs. New Medicine – Rocktagon
Tonight will mark the 5th night that Evans Blue has been in the Rocktagon, and a full week since they took the Champ title from Lacuna Coil. They will finish the week facing off against New Medicine. So vote early, and vote often!
Evans Blue vs. Staind – Rocktagon
Evans Blue moves on to night number 5 in the Rocktagon, after a fierce battle last night. Tonight they will face off against Staind and the latest release off their self titled album.
103GBF Staind Radio Special And Album Giveaway
Staind's upcoming self-titled seventh album, which is scheduled for release next Tueday, the 13th, stands as one of the band's most intense and powerful works to date. The release was produced by Johnny K, who collaborated with the band on 2008's Grammy Award-nominated The Illusion Of…
Staind – Not Again [Video]
So for a while, I think we all thought STAIND was done. Aaron Lewis was off doing his little country experiment thingy, and it seemed like that was it for Staind. Thankfully that was NOT the case. Staind is back with a new self-titled album...and it appears to rock like the Staind of the past. Check…
Staind Guitar Solo Showdown!
Staind is teaming with Indaba Music and for a truly extraordinary online competition. The contest invites fans to contribute their own guitar solos to Staind’s new single, “Not Again” – the first from their eagerly awaited new album, “STAIND.”