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The New Myspace Is On Its Way!
So I decided to take a trip down memory lane today and visited some of my friend's pages on Myspace. It was a fun "frozen in time" look at how we lived our lives in 2007, then I noticed a link for the new Myspace.
Facebook New Changes Good Or Bad? Still More To Come…
New changes to Facebook sent my news feed in to a uproar. Out of about 700 friends most of them were bitching about how they hated the changes. I however don't have a computer at home I only use my phone so when they did some changing to the app. I only could imagine what they did to the a…
T Rav’s Review Of Google+
Just over a decade ago, it was considered punishment to have to sit through a slideshow of your friend's vacation pictures. Thanks to the world of social networking, not only do you see pictures but you also know what hotel they stayed at and what they ate. Thanks?
Myspace: The End Is Near
After playing second to Facebook for the past few years, Myspace is trying to reinvent itself and trying to find a buyer.