SNL Presents: The Weather Channel’s First Soap Opera
Although last night's episode of SNL was filled with hit-and-miss sketches, one of the best moments was easily the strangest thing in the entire episode. The sketch imagines the Weather Channel creating its own soap opera and the results are about as strange (and often, as funny) as you'd …
SNL Previews All 19 ‘Hobbit’ Movies
Welcome back, SNL! Everyone's simultaneously beloved and hated live sketch comedy show returned last night after its holiday break and, naturally, they had to play catch-up, making fun of everything that they missed in the past couple of weeks. First on their list? 'The Hobbit: An Unexpect…
Jack White Was the Musical Guest on ‘SNL’
Saturday Night Live was hosted this past week by Lindsay Lohan who, by all accounts, was dreadful.
The show's saving grace came in the form of Jack White of the White Stripes.  He took the stage and was all eclectic and stuff.  He performed two songs(“Love Interruption” and…
Tebow Meets Jesus, via SNL
Tim Tebow.  Plays "quarterback" for the Denver Broncos.  Going into yesterday's game, he was 6-1 as a starter.  He is now 6-2 after their matchup with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.
SNL Digital Short: Batman!
Steve Buscemi hosted SNL this weekend.
There were some good sketches and some that went way, way too long.  Typical modern SNL.  The Digital Short stuff is normally good for at least a mild chuckle.

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