Sixx:A.M. vs. Underride – Rocktagon
After emerging victorious from the biggest Rocktagon battle of the week so far, Underride returns tonight to face off against a legendary Rocktagon alum. Sixx:A.M. returns tonight looking to become Rocktagon champ once again. Vote now, winner will be announced during Nocturnal Emissions...
Rocktagon: Sixx:A.M. vs. Cavo
With its now legendary run in the GBF Rocktagon, you can pretty much guess who is tonight's champ. Friday will mark the 7th appearance of Sixx:A.M. as they have taken landslide victories throughout the week.
Rocktagon: Sixx:A.M. vs. Disturbed
They survived another round so tonight will mark the 5th appearance of Sixx:A.M. in the 103GBF Rocktagon. They have beaten four challengers and racked up 14,000 votes since they entered last Thursday.
Rocktagon: Sixx:A.M. vs. Mastodon
Tuesday will mark the fourth appearance of Sixx:A.M. in the GBF Rocktagon. So far they have beaten Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, and Korn. Sixx:A.M. has also managed to rack up nearly 11,000 votes since they entered the Rocktagon last Thursday.
Rocktagon: Sixx:A.M. vs. Korn
Sixx:A.M. survived the final Rocktagon of the week, by beating Volbeat this Friday. Tonight will mark their third appearance in the Rocktagon, but will it be their last?
Rocktagon: Sixx:A.M. vs. Volbeat
A third appearance in the Rocktagon proved to be the last for Avenged Sevenfold. They suffered a stunning upset by challenger Sixx:A.M. in last nights bout. Today they move on to face Volbeat with their new rock, A Warrior's Call, in the final Rocktagon bout of the week.