New Shows I Love: “Will” (A Review)
History buffs and Shakespeare nerds gather 'round! I just found my new favorite show, and with what I'm about to tell you, it might become your new favorite show too. Whether you dislike Shakespeare or not.
Welcome to punk rock Elizabethan London.
Kids Give An Honest Review Of Dubstep
From my experience, nothing can ruin a person's optimism like a child. Like the kid who pointed to me and said to his mom, "He has his ears pierced like a GIRL!"
The Noisey Music Channel on YouTube got some kids together (apparently spiked their drinks with some Go-Go Juice), a…
T Rav’s Review Of Google+
Just over a decade ago, it was considered punishment to have to sit through a slideshow of your friend's vacation pictures. Thanks to the world of social networking, not only do you see pictures but you also know what hotel they stayed at and what they ate. Thanks?