Kids Receive Terrible Gifts In Another Jimmy Kimmel Prank
Last month TV host Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to play a prank on their kids. In a clip that went viral, parents told their children they had eaten their Halloween candy and recorded the reactions. Now just in time for the holidays, Kimmel had another prank ready to go.
The ‘Ol Pregnant Turkey Prank
Apparently this is a somewhat popular prank... although I've never heard of it. It seems pretty simple (and clever) too. You just take a Cornish game hen, which looks like a little chicken or turkey, and stick it inside your turkey before you cook it.
Happy Halloween…from Michael Myers
I don't know if too many folks would argue with me if I said that Michael Myers (the psychotic killer from the 'Halloween' movies) was one of, if not THE, scariest bad guy in the history of horror movies.
Light Saber Prank Leads to Suspension
Two high school seniors at Westfield High School in Massachusetts wanted to entertain their fellow students by staging a lightsaber battle in the school cafeteria during lunch.
According to onlookers, one of the seniors entered the cafeteria from one side, and the other from another, and then they me…
Gorilla Suit Prank Frightens NFL Prospects
The prospects at this week’s NFL combine in Indianapolis, Indiana were told that a gorilla had escaped from the local zoo.
This didn’t actually happen, and instead was a set up for a classic prank in which a man in gorilla suit emerged from behind the trees as the prospects were doing a set of dril…