Another Dumb Criminal On Facebook Gets Busted
Law enforcement agencies across the land must be celebrating just how easy Facebook has made their job. Not only can they have users help them bust criminals, but some of them are dumb enough to post their crimes on the site.
Michael Baker, from Kentucky, posted the picture you see above on his perso…
911 Gives Hope for the Holidays – WE NEED TOYS!
Remember the joy of rising early on Christmas morning to find a mound of brightly wrapped packages piled under a twinkling evergreen as a child? Remember the chill of the morning air, the smell of the tree and the feeling that everyone else is moving in slow motion when all you want to do is tear in…
Police and Porn
Two Los Angeles traffic enforcement officers appeared in a porn movie in which they fondled and spanked a naked actress and let her perform a solo sex act in one of their official vehicles.
The kicker: It all happened while they were on duty.