All 151 Original Pokemon Ranked From Worst To Best
Ever since Pokémon Go took over the world, those weird, cute, sometimes creepy pocket monsters have become more popular than ever. Everyone has their favorites, whether its the beloved Pikachu, the dashing Ponyta, or that elusive Gyarados that they've been chasing since day one. But which …
Bringing Other Worlds to Life: The Best Video Game Cosplay
With such rich tapestries to draw from, video games provide cosplayers with incredible creative opportunities. We’ve compiled a massive collection of cosplay inspired by video game characters to celebrate the dedication and passion of these fans, with costumes that runs the gamut from the tru…
Herman Cain Admits To Quoting Pokemon
Now that he is no longer running for president, Herman Cain is opening up about the accusations facing him. Of course, I'm talking about him writing speeches that contain Pokemon quotes.