Four-Year-Old Expresses How We All Feel About the Election
With the presidential election less than a week away, candidates are bombarding us from all angles with ads, debates and last-minute pushes to secure votes. (Their efforts are pretty much pointless considering we joined The Pizza Party a while back, but that's besides the point.)
In all seriousness, …
20 Ridiculous Halloween Costumes for Kids
There's one thing we know for sure about little kids-- they can make practically anything seem adorable. Scrunched-up, twisted sour faces? Check. A boppin' on a bed rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'? You betcha! Although we're a little dumbfounded as to how this "everything is ridiculou…
Kids Give An Honest Review Of Dubstep
From my experience, nothing can ruin a person's optimism like a child. Like the kid who pointed to me and said to his mom, "He has his ears pierced like a GIRL!"
The Noisey Music Channel on YouTube got some kids together (apparently spiked their drinks with some Go-Go Juice), a…
First ever Kids Day Fun Fest is coming soon!
Hey Evansville families! We’ve got something fun up our sleeves here at 103GBF. The first ever KIDS DAY FUN FEST, brought to you by Alles Brothers Furniture, is coming February 19th and the UE Fitness center!
Kids Cover Metallica – Epic Win
We've all witnessed bands doing their best to cover perhaps the most recognizable Metallica song ever, 'Enter Sandman'. And we've all witnessed bands failing horribly at this attempt. Not this time though sucka! Check out these youngstas (8 and 10 year olds) rocking the eff out!