Kelsey Grammer

‘Transformers 4′ TV Spots Introduce New Robots, More Explosions
'Transformers 4' is purportedly a soft reboot of the franchise, setting up an entirely new set of adventures and carrying on with a mostly new human cast. However, director Michael Bay is still at the helm, so it's no surprise it still, for better or worse, feels like the same thing. You already kno…
‘Transformers 4′ Finds a Villain in Kelsey Grammer
Although 'Transformers 4' will undoubtedly have plenty of giant robots turning into cars and fighting each other, there will be no shortage of human interaction (i.e. screaming and yelling) between the scenes of carnage. At least we know that some of that screaming and yelling will be dign…
Celebrity Guest Callers from ‘Frasier’ [Video]
I'll tell you upfront that this video really isn't that funny. I don't think it's intended to be. Sure there might be a couple parts that make you chuckle...but the point isn't what the callers are's who the callers are. You might be surprised.