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Kate Upton Might Be The Worst Car Washer Ever
Kate Upton is someone we pay close attention to, for obvious reasons. Frankly, we're a little disappointed in her latest effort. Don't get us wrong, we enjoyed the Kate Upton car wash commercial, it just wasn't exactly what we were expecting.
Kate Upton Releases the Sexiest Video Ever
Photographer Terry Richardson is known for getting young actresses and models to do very sexy things in front of the camera. Kate Upton is known for doing very sexy things for the camera on her own. When the two got together for an episode of Terry TV, we expected something very steamy. We…
Can I Get Enough Kate Upton?? Uh…No!
Kate Upton is one of the hottest chicks around in my opinion.   While I enjoyed seeing her get stabbed with a banana during the Tosh.0 skit "Knife or Banana",  I prefer seeing her munch a giant burger in the accompanying video of a TV spot for Hardees/Carl's Jr.…
Kate Upton Eating a Cheeseburger
What else do you need out of a headline? Hardees (also known as Carl's Jr. west of the Mississippi) have yet another brilliant marketing campaign.
Have a beautiful woman sensually eat red meat in a car.  Take out the beautiful woman part and replace it with pasty white guy and you' d h…
Kate Upton Bouncing: The Supercut
It's a melding of various vids featuring Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Kate Upton bouncing. It is by far the most productive 1:07 you'll spend all day.
I have already watched it 37 times but who is counting? I also might need another box of Kleenex. What? It's February…

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