Dude Critiques His Drunk Neighbor’s Karaoke
It never fails you go to your favorite local bar and they're having ANOTHER karaoke night. In order to enjoy your tasty beverage you have to suffer through a herd of drunk sorority girls belting out "Call Me Maybe". Perhaps you think you can have some peace at home.
Father and Son Ask The Ladies to ‘Take Me Home Tonight’
Their names are Sky Smith and E...I don't which one is which, but I think we can all figure out which one is dad and which one is son. Apparently they are fans of Eddie Money...more specifically his song "Take Me Home Tonight". They decided to sexy it up a bit in this well pro…
Tourettes Karaoke
First and foremost...I am not making fun of Tourette Syndrome, or anyone that suffers from it. Matter of fact I think this dude is a rock star! These are the facts. Cussing is funny. Cussing uncontrollably is funnier. Cussing uncontrollably in a British accent is funnier still.