9 Facts About Indiana You Probably Didn’t Know
Now that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has been named as Donald Trump's running mate, the national spotlight is shining on our great state. Here are some interesting facts about the Hoosier state that you most likely didn't learn in school.
Gun Stolen by Mobster John Dillinger Returns to Indiana
A machine gun stolen from an Indiana police station by the gang of legendary mobster John Dillinger is on its way home this week.
According to the Associate Press, the FBI will return the .45-caliber Thompson submachine gun that Dillinger’s band of thieves swiped from a northwestern Indiana pol…
Hoosier Foodie: Bacon Donuts at the Indiana State Fair
Here in Indiana, fair food is a huge part of the Hoosier diet - with the state’s mad science culinary vision and its you name it, we’ll deep fry it philosophy, you can never really tell, exactly, what sort of bizarre food you will find being served out of a mobile food cart. Take, for ex…
Five Movies You May Not Remember Being Filmed In Indiana [VIDEO]
There is nothing more exciting than a film crew from La-La-Land moving into your neck of the woods for a few months to shoot the next Hollywood blockbuster – especially, when some of the movie industry’s top actors are attached to the production. Seriously, how many of you have ever gone…
From the Southern Indiana Affairs Desk: Babylon Village
I’m not sure what is going on in Southern Indiana this week, but to say that it has me nervous is an understatement. I only feel somewhat safe as I am currently tucked deep inside a make shift tornado shelter typing this thing out with one hand, while barring the door with the other.
Which Dumb Indiana Laws Do You Break Daily?
When I was on vacation in Miami back in March, I learned that I could make all the u-turns I wanted to down there. I busted u-ies all over Hallendale Beach just for the heck of it. When in Rome, right?