Google Files A Frightening Patent
In a classic example of life imitating fiction, Google's parent company has filed a patent that should look familiar to fans of Futurama.
In a season 6 episode, titled "Attack of the Killer App", the crew has eyePhones injected directly into their eyeballs...
Keep Track of the ‘Best of YouTube’ Announcements
As part of their April Fool's Day tradition, Google is running a pretty great prank on YouTube, right now. They are listing the nominees for the best of YouTube before it "shuts down." Every video is nominated. They are listing every video on YouTube and reading thei…
T Rav’s Review Of Google+
Just over a decade ago, it was considered punishment to have to sit through a slideshow of your friend's vacation pictures. Thanks to the world of social networking, not only do you see pictures but you also know what hotel they stayed at and what they ate. Thanks?