Bassists Look Too Bored (with Mark Hoppus)
Let's face it, some bassists just look bored when they play. They look unenthusiastic on stage, like, "Oh, wow, another night playing in front of thousands of fans. ...This is great, really." I mean, someone just needs to light a fire under their asses! Which is why Mark …
Call From Jail
Everyone knows, when you go to jail "you get ONE call..." So don't waste it, make it a good one.
This guy knows how to make ONE call...and make it worth while.
The Sideburns Song
The Sideburn Song. Because who DOESN'T want an ode to their sideburns? (Probably babies, but they don't count because they aren't old enough to have sideburns yet.) Sideburns are amazing! They're even on both sides. They practically highlight your face. I mean, just look at them!…
Failure Pants
First there was the Snuggie. Then the Snuggie animal print. Then the Snuggie FOR animals. I thought that Snuggie would stop after that but NO, they had to go and make these god awful adult onesie footy pajamas. (I'm not joking. They're REAL.) Thankfully, Jacksfilms has dubbed over the…
Hilarity of the Day
There seems to be an abundance of new anesthesia videos every month. First we had David and the Dentist and the "Dizzaaay" kid in May, followed by the Wisdom Teeth guy in June. So, I'd like to put in my two cents for July. I present to you: Hockey Guy. (Laughter: Guaranteed)
Beer. Slide. Water. Fail.
When this video first started and I saw that one of the guys had a Bud Light in his hand I knew this was probably going to hurt the guy going down the slide....
Beep Beep Beep [Video]
Radio or TV, you are live on air and have the chance to say something a little inappropriate (not on purpose of course). If you have been on live for one month or 30 years things just slip out of your mouth...TRUST ME I would know.
Sunday Funday Laughs Just For You!
If you follow some of my blogs on here I love to post videos of just things to make me laugh! I must share with ya! I believe my favorite is the bride doing a keg stand in her dress, because one day I will be "that girl" lol!
Happy Easter and enjoy these great laughs...
Lazy Jedi [VIDEO]
Master Dave is a Jedi, and he is kind of lazy.  But who can blame the guy, he's out saving the galaxy all day, and I'm sure there's sometimes where the force is just not with you.
Fast Cars And Kids [VIDEO]
Youtube user p1cr has a Porsche, and likes to go fast. On his way to taking his son to preschool he decides to take off and the kids reaction is hilarious, and totally adorable. Of course after going fast he then does what any other normal kid would do and follows up his hilarious reaction with &…

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