The Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard All Week
As I was flipping through the channels at a snail's pace (thanks digital TV), I came across this pretty blond chick. She's one of the many blondes old man Rupert parades on his Fox News Channel. Her name is Megyn Kelly and she can be pretty hot, until she opens her mouth.
We Put BACON On It!
In the market to get an angioplasty before the new year? Well, my friend, the friendly folks at KFC have you covered.
The Best Things Are Always Bad For You
Granted there was a time in High School I could finish off a 40 piece chicken McNugget and be ready to run a marathon. Now you fast forward to today, and I can only get a half through a Big Mac before needing a nap. The latest offering from the guys at Epic Meal Time would probably put me in a coma.
A Culinary Masterpiece
At first I thought I hadn't heard correctly. I was harvesting some crops in Farmville (yes, I'm that lame), and I overhead something on CNN about a new item from Taco Bell. I turned around just in time to see just what years of human evolution have brought us.