father's day

10 Terrible Father’s Day Gifts
We're not here to tell you how to run your life. We're mostly just here to provide you with cute pictures of kittens and GIFs you might like. But, if we could make a suggestion, don't get your dad any of these things for Father's Day.
It’s the Dad’s Life! [Father’s Day Anthem]
Father's Day is the 16th. How are you going to tell your dad that you truly appreciate all he does for you? Might I suggest this classy e-card with real dad's rapping about real dad things like grilling, mowing, and sacrificing your Man Cave for the greater good...
Jimmy Fallon’s Dancing Father’s Day Tribute [Video]
If you haven't seen the "Evolution of Dance" video yet, you've probably at least heard about the guy. Right? I think that dude even made a sequel. Now Jimmy Fallon has his own "Evolution of Dad Dancing", in honor of all those dads with two left feet.