20 Halloween Pumpkin Fails
Between your foolproof stencil of Justin Bieber's face and an endless supply of premium 99 cent carving tools, you probably envisioned yourself minutes away from that dreamy pop star pumpkin glowing all over your neighbors' jealous faces. What could go wrong?
Say Goodbye To July With Some Serious Fails [Video]
I know it's a more out cliche/saying/whatever...but I really can't believe this year is flying by so quickly. Good Lord it's already August people! And while the months and the seasons (apparently NOT the weather) may change, there's one thing that will always remain constant...F…
Meteorology And Humerous Happenings
Or another way of stating it is "Weatherman Fails".  It's a compilation and perhaps worth a couple of yuks.
I can see how you can easily get the giggles while talking about Cumulonimbus Clouds.  Why do they always got to be producin' dangerous weather and stuff?
Best Fails of 2011
At this time of year, it's inevitable that you will be inundated with 'Best of' stuff out the 'ol wazoo.  No matter the time of the year, it's always fun to watch someone not succeed at something that you can laugh at from afar.