Woman Jailed For Failing To Delete Facebook Account
You know it’s a bad day when a judge decides you need to spend some time behind bars because you didn’t delete your Facebook account. Is having a Facebook page now a crime? It seems that if you irk the wrong judge in the state of Kentucky, it just might be.
Things That Have Facebook Pages, But Don’t Really Need Them
In the time I have had a Facebook page, the site went from college student exclusive to a free-for-all. And now the monster that Zuckerberg created is being used by many entities all in the name of marketing. However, there are a few places that I think shouldn't have a social media presence. .…
Fugitive On The Run Updates His Facebook Status
People can update their Facebook status for a number of ridiculous reasons. The statuses I loathe the most is pictures of food they are about to consume. The statuses that entertain me the most, relationship drama. Status I don't expect, someone updating their run from the law.
Sh*t EVERYONE Says….
It's a new explosion in the YouTube.com world, "sh*t (blank) say." This new craze has gotten everyone making new videos and posting them on YouTube.com. I personally think they are hilarious.
Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery…And Facebook It.
Don't worry about your spouse hacking your Facebook, worry about their lawyers. In Connecticut, Stephen Gallion told his lawyer that his wives life is on the Internet and it can be used as ammunition in the divorce proceedings.
Porn Filled Weekend on Facebook
If you checked in on your Facebook news feed in the last week, you probably noticed your friends were posting a lot of porn. However they weren't putting their adult entertainment preferences on display, they were actually hacked.
Facebook New Changes Good Or Bad? Still More To Come…
New changes to Facebook sent my news feed in to a uproar. Out of about 700 friends most of them were bitching about how they hated the changes. I however don't have a computer at home I only use my phone so when they did some changing to the app. I only could imagine what they did to the a…
What Do You Think Of The Changes To Facebook?
While everyone is commenting on the latest changes to Facebook announced yesterday by its head Mark Zuckerberg, for radio personalities who've made this network a big part of their daily shows, these changes hit home more than for most. As a radio friend of mine said "Here is how I see…

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