Dude Critiques His Drunk Neighbor’s Karaoke
It never fails you go to your favorite local bar and they're having ANOTHER karaoke night. In order to enjoy your tasty beverage you have to suffer through a herd of drunk sorority girls belting out "Call Me Maybe". Perhaps you think you can have some peace at home.
Red Solo Cup Not Just For Your Keggers
The picture says it all. I was completely unaware of this fact! I always would run and get a shot glass for my shots.
Get your red solo cup out we are havin a party!
Toby Keith says it best about the red solo cup!

Bottoms Up!!!!
Go Ahead…You Give This A Try!
Bar tricks are fun, and can sometimes earn you free drinks for showing off.  Oviously the girl in this video (who "i'sn't" hot despite the vid title) was pretty sober before trying this test of balance and flexibility.