10 Dogs Getting Their Groove On
It seems like every day we discover yet another reason to reaffirm the awesomeness of our four-legged friends. For one thing, dogs are super troopers when it comes to our embarrassing Facebook antics.
15 Dogs Who Are So Ready For Fall
With Labor Day just over a week away, it's time to face the facts-- summer is coming to an end way too soon. But even though we won't be able to wipe out on Slip n' Slides too much longer, there are still tons of awesome things we can look foward to in the Fall, and apparently dogs ar…
Dogs Having a Blast With Sprinklers [Video]
If you can, take a minute and think back to your childhood (that may be harder for some of us). I’d bet that one of your fondest summer time memories of growing up was playing in a sprinkler. It turns out that we aren’t the only creatures that like to play in the water.

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