Rains vs. Crossfade – Rocktagon
Crossfade ousted Nonpoint to become Rocktagon champ last night. Tonight they'll defend their title against Rains. Cast your vote now and listen to find out who wins tonight during Nocturnal Emissions.
Crossfade vs. Nonpoint – Rocktagon
Nonpoint wins again and returns tonight to meet Crossfade in the Rocktagon. Who moves on to Wednesday? Vote now and listen for the winner to be announced tonight at 9 during Nocturnal Emissions.
Rocktagon: Crossfade vs. Redlight King
Crossfade won Wednesday's Rocktagon battle against Five Finger Death Punch. Last night, we took the night off for the holiday but on Friday the Rocktagon is back! And for tonight's battle we are pitting Crossfade against a new band here on GBF...
Rocktagon: Crossfade vs. Five Finger Death Punch
Two wins in a row for Crossfade. Last night they fought off the Foo Fighters, and tonight they're going for three wins. Can they sweep the week, or will Five Finger Death Punch put an end to their run. Your vote decides.
Rocktagon: Crossfade vs. Foo Fighters
Crossfade survived our first Rocktagon match up of the week, tonight they move on to face the Foo Fighters.
Will Crossfade make it two nights in a row as they take on the new rock, These Days, from the Foo's latest album, Wasting Light.
I'll have the winner tonight during Nocturnal Emissions…
New Album From Crossfade [Videos]
I've always been a fan of the band CROSSFADE. Not the kind of fan that could tell you the backstory and inspiration for track 7 on their sophomore album. I'm just a casual fan. I enjoy all the songs we've played from them over the years, and a couple others that didn't make it to the radio. I'm enou…